NordVPN Review + Latest 77{49be15f518674dc5c3a52da6ab22d176eca30115a7750877ae7b59cb73ea4f12} Off NordVPN Offers

NordVPN is one of the various VPN providers based in Panama. This thing alone can make it ones of the best VPN-service providers that are available today for the privacy fanatics.  It is an incredibly fully-featured service and offers great functionality.

However, the IPv6 leaks can be a major issue and the support is not as good as expected. Moving these problems aside, there are still many features, which lifts up NordVPN and which is why several people recommend it.

NordVPN Plans & Pricing

NordVPN does not offer multiple plans. It is priced at $11.95/month if paid monthly. Further discounts are available if you opt for the long-term plans. The software only costs $5.75/month, if purchased for one year or $4.00/month, if purchased for two years.

Aside from this, a three-day free trial is also available, in which you do not have to pay any money. The company also offers a 30 days money-back guarantee. This can assure that you won’t be losing your money.

VPN-service providers

But you can avail the 77{49be15f518674dc5c3a52da6ab22d176eca30115a7750877ae7b59cb73ea4f12} off NordVPN coupon code and enjoy a special rate of $2.75/mo. If you go for 36 months, then you have to pay only $99 only and renew after 36 months.

NordVPN Payment Methods

The VPN provider accepts payments through PayPal or via debit/credit card. It also accepts virtual money like Bitcoin that offers for a potentially anonymous payment. However, NordVPN will obviously know your true IP address.

NordVPN Payment Methods

Additional payments methods are available through Payment wall, NordVPN’s payment parent. Six devices can be connected to a service at once. If several devices are connected to the same server, you must choose different protocols for all the VPN connections. UDP and TCP are counted in as different protocols. So, you can easily connect one device to UDP and another to TCP.

Four devices can be to a single server using OpenVPN UDP, OpenVPN TCP, PPTP, and L2TP. If you have two additional devices at your home, you can also connect them to another server using any of the two protocols. Connecting six devices at a time can be a great extension for people who use multiple devices.

Smart DNS

The VPN service provider also offers smart DNS, which enables the user to geo-spoof the sites. It resolves the DNS requests at a specific location, making it ideal for streaming content that is geo-blocked.

According to the company, users are able to access more than 150 streaming services using the NordVPNSmartPlay. This includes Crackle, Discovery, DramaFever, FoodNetwork, NBC Sports, Slackers, PBS, Spike, StarTrek,, Drama, TNT, Vevo, VH1, Telemundo,, Shudder, Cartoon Network, Zattoo, ABC Go, Amazon Prime, Hulu and much more.

NordVPN’s smart DNS makes use of an encrypted proxy connection, however, as to why and what benefit does an encrypted connection bring over an unencrypted connection brings in a Smart DNS is still not clear.

Moreover, it requires no additional settings or configuration. It is able to run within NordVPN’s apps and when connected to the VPN server, it detects whether the streaming services require a connection first or not. According to it, it then routes, if a bypass is required. For instance, you could watch US Netflix, even when you are not connected to a US server.

A downside of this configuration is that you cannot setup the Smart DNS to run on devices, such as games console or Smart TV that cannot run the VPN client.

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