Korean Ratings Board Posting Hints at a Doable PS4 Port of PUBG

PUBG’s explosive growth and widespread success are plain. it should be recently surpassed by Fortnite in terms of overall revenue, however, the sport still retains an enormous player base, one that probably will not get away anytime shortly.

However, stagnation and effort well-enough alone are not suitable for many businesses, and therefore the of us behind PUBG appear to agree if a report from Eurogamer is something to travel by.

The outlet discovered a Korean Game Ratings Board leak that appears to hint at a double port of PUBG to the PS4. For the unaware, the popular battle royale title has solely been obtainable on the Xbox, PC, and mobile devices so far, primarily thanks to Associate in Nursing exclusivity deal PUBG’s developers signed with Microsoft months back.

As Eurogamer notes, that deal might be coming back to Associate in the Nursing finish, and as a result, the PUBG team could also be trying to expand their market share.

PS4 players structure an enormous portion of the diversion audience as a full, thus if this leak is correct, PUBG’s developers may stand to realize quite a bit in terms of sales and positive PR.

Whether or not cross-platform play is going to be obtainable between PS4 and Xbox versions of PUBG remains to be seen. Sony has evidenced time and time once more that it needs nothing to try and do with the conception of cross-play, and it most likely will not amendment its mind currently.

At any rate, simply to ingeminate, this can be simply a leak and not official confirmation of any kind. As such, take this data with a healthy dose of skepticism.

Those who fancy Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds on the Xbox One X would possibly notice that the sport doesn’t look quite nearly as good nowadays. That’s as a result of PUBG firm. is emotional a patch that quickly downgrades the popular title’s graphics to enhance its inarticulate performance.

PUBG’s developer disclosed the arrange during a weekly community post, that states that several Xbox One X users are experiencing framerate drops whereas taking part in the sport. to handle this issue, a hotfix is being deployed nowadays which will decrease the graphical settings on Microsoft’s flagship console.

While PUBG’s resolutions and textures stay identical, a {number of} the patch’s downgrades embrace attenuated SSAO quality and a lowered number of particles. bound effects are disabled utterly, as well as the depth of field, lens flare, SSR and independent agency, motion blur, and particle light-weight.

“We needed to take care of the standard in overall visuals, thus, to attenuate the distinction, we have a tendency to solely reduced terribly specific careful graphics choices like shadowing and reflection,” explains the post.

The changes can have an effect on all Xbox One X users, even those that don’t seem to be experiencing any frame rate issues with pubg hacks, that solely recently got its full unharness on the console.

The downgrade is simply a brief resolution because of the company appearance for the way to enhance performance while not lowering the graphics settings. to boot, the developer is functioning to implement a long-run resolution that would that might that may that can see 2 totally different game modes offered to Xbox One X players: one will allow them to rank performance, whereas the opposite can target graphics quality.

PUBG dips below a meg coinciding players for the 1st time during a year

What simply happened? For the primary time in over a year Player, Unknown’s Battlegrounds didn’t reach a meg coinciding players during a day.

For three hundred and sixty-six days PUBG managed to take care of over 1,000,000 players per day, at one purpose reaching a peak of three.25 million in Jan. in step with Steam DB, last weekday the popular battle-royale title solely managed 960,263 coinciding players. Those numbers are still not shabby. Dota a pair of is that the sole alternative game to possess garnered such attention.

The dip came on an identical day that the decision of Duty: Black Ops four beta launched, that has its own version of BR. whereas a couple of PUBG players born resolute strive the CoD beta, Battlegrounds has been on a gradual decline since Jan thirteen, and therefore the sub-million downswing falls right that line. the decision of Duty is simply another distraction.

Despite PUBG firm having ported the sport to mechanical man and Xbox, it’s been falling in quality primarily thanks to significant competition from rival battle-royale title Fortnite. alternative franchises have conjointly been fiddling with the formula making an additional diluted market — one that PUBG once enjoyed nearly completely.

PUBG adds bullet penetration system, dynamic weather and additional in the latest update

PUBG Corp. in July vowed to place longer and energy into breakdown PUBG’s varied problems, prioritizing performance and fixing bugs. Today’s update is the opening move in achieving these goals.

Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds for computer features a new patch out nowadays that adds quality of life enhancements, addresses a bunch of bugs and implements a couple of new options to spice up realism.

PUBG Corp. with PC 1.0 Update #19 has more a bullet penetration system that currently applies to hands and arms. once a bullet hits the arm or hand of a personality, it’ll penetrate following its flight curve and will cause further harm to body elements behind it.

For example, if a bullet passes through the arm and strikes the top, the complete headshot harm is going to be applied. If the bullet hits the arm however misses the other a part of the body upon exit, solely the arm harm is going to be applied.

Worth noting is that the incontrovertible fact that bullet penetration doesn’t apply to legs and is disabled for shotguns.

The update has conjointly more dynamic weather to Miramar and Erangel. Now, these maps can feature random bouts of rain and fog to spice things up. PUBG once had dynamic weather, however, it absolutely was removed once the sport left Steam Early Access last year.

The team has conjointly more some tiny clusters of homes in Erangel still an additional plan of action landscapes close to Erangel’s stream. What’s additional, they’ve placed in further dirt roads and lowered a number of the slopes in Miramar to enhance vehicle effectiveness.

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